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What my scars taught me❤️‍🩹

It’s impossible and unrealistic to expect ourselves to love how we look 24/7.  Expecting that in a way adds a layer of shame if we don’t like how we look. Something my therapist said that really opened my eyes was “you can be excited and love how your body has changed and still mourn how your body used to look” the reason why this was so impactful was because I felt like I had to be one or the other.

But you are allowed to have multiple feelings about your body, some days maybe your feeling yourself and some days your not. BUT something that your body always deserves is respect.

After my surgery I had a new appreciation for my body! I saw how capable my body is and how thankful I am that it is able to heal like it is actually insane!!! I felt almost like guilty for how hard I am on something so innocent. I used to overwork my body at the gym just cuz I was mad it didn’t look a certain way! But the truth is no matter what my body didn’t deserve that!

My view on my health is SOOO different now! Instead of trying to be healthy by seeing what I need to change or take away from my body, I am viewing it as being healthy by nourishing and giving to my body!

Here are some of my goals:

  • eat foods that are good for anxiety

  • Eat when in hungry and not just at “meal times”

  • Reduce caffeine intake (order decaf coffee)

  • Moving my body in healthy ways

  • walking out side or on treadmill

  • Biking

  • Core strength/PT

  • Pilates/yoga

  • Swimming?

  • take care of my skin and embrace my natural beauty instead of trying to change

  • Drinking lots of water

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