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Prioritizing Mental Health

Being 100% transparent my mental health has taken a tole this year. It is something I thought would get better naturally but it had been long enough and i knew if I didn't do anything about it i could end up back in places i have been before that I definitely do not want to go back to. After my surgery I was in a very lonely place and assumed that once I went back to school that would all go away. But that did not happen. I think that just the feeling of never being able to get my health under control and dealing with endometriosis and having to switch medicines has definitely put me through the ringer. And when health is failing it can take all your energy. I also think I have just not been feeling much genuine joy in the season that I am in and I try so hard to be content but I can just tell that ultimately I think that I have just let my mental health slip and my anxiety get out of control. So I took some steps and made a descision that I am going to really really really prioritize my mental health by going to therapy every week and I even increases my medicine by a bit (I know controversial in the Christian world). And I also just am so introverted a lot more than it comes across so being around people 24/7 in school is so so so draining and i am a major people pleaser so i feel constantly on edge that I don't want to upset anyone and just want everyone to be happy. Which that in itself is something that is so hard for me to not do and ends in me just feeling like everyone's puppet. So I think finishing up this year I am really going to just have boundaries around how much I let people influence how I feel about myself and my relationship and also work on not letting my life feel out of control by prioritizing simplicity. The Lord is good and I know He will carry me through this slump in my mental health!


Annika Graceeee

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