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Organize my life with me!! Step 2: MONEY

Here I am working on my new little cash organizer!!! Being completely honest I am not good with money hahaha it has always been a bit of a struggle for me! Sooo we are trying a different approach by using completely cash. I linked below this little wallet organizer and I am so excited to see how it helps! For all my other girlies who struggle with money ahah this is for us!!

I am budgeting how much I can spend each day and then there is also a place where I can put lists for groceries and what to buy. I am also working on figuring the best eating for Anxiety and PMDD so if you would like another blog post about that let me know! But I'm so so so excited to just get my life together and take initiative in the areas I know need to change and improve:)

Link to wallet organizer:

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