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Organize my life with me!! Step 1: IPAD

First thing I decided to do is create a new lock screen and home screen! I made a vision board (but the non manifestation kind ahah) just the kind that shows my goals for this year! I recommend using pic collage to organize it all, because it is free and you can just crop out the bottom where the label is:)

Next thing I did was re-do and update my Notability. It's a really good place to take all your notes you can customize it in so many ways you can type your notes and you can write them! You can also customize the color pallet to what you want and it is definitely one of my goals to have all of my notes in one place!

Last thing I decided to do was update my G-Cal! Boy oh Boy was this one tricky to figure out. For something that's people use a lot it was so annoying to try to figure out! I decided to organize in my G-cal because everyone seems to do it and I'm trying to be more organized haha.

Organization is probably the last thing that I am good at but I am trying my best to get better at it because I know it will help my life and my anxiety in the long run!

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