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Motivation In College

If we are being honest, feeling no motivation in school is one of the hardest things to bounce back from. I think that in college there is so much pressure to have your whole life figured out and to make every right decision to best prepare for your future. This is something that can me extremely draining escpecailly when you feel like your whole life in on the line lol. But honestly I think something that can be so helpful and this might seem obvious but really finding things that are gonna restore your energy.

If you are an extrovert I would assume that going and hanging with a group of people would be a way to reset. And if your like me and introverted then there are things that I know I love to do on my own that restore my energy. Something that I have been trying to do is make time every day to recharge. This helps me to be way more motivated when it comes to School. Because honestly school just drains my energy haha.

Another thing that I like to do is Romanticize the fact that I am a 20 year old who is working towards her degree. I think that when I do this it honestly makes me just wanna be that girl and work hard. Finding little ways to make studying cute like always carrying coffee and working in cute locations and also putting in the extra effort in getting ready. I say this because putting effort into getting ready and putting on a cute outfit can just change your whole mood. Like everyone says why not dress for success?!

Last thing I would say is make sure you make sure you make time to re-charge your soul by spending time with The One who loves you most.

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