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As someone who has pretty bad anxiety and is recovering from hip surgery, low energy days are bound to happen. I used to feel so guilty when I was tired especially after I had an anxious night. My anxiety usually spikes at night so I frequently have panic attacks at close to like 1am. If you have had a panic attack then you would know it makes you extremely tired, like I wanna curl up in a ball like a baby kind of tired.

But something that my therapist taught me that totally changed my perspective is that instead of labeling your day as ruined or unproductive… instead label it as a low energy day. Which even just changing the language you use in it of itself makes a massive difference. When we label our days as a low energy day we kind of give our selves the freedom to still be productive by taking care of ourselves. We can still go to work and school and get our work done but we can remove the expectation that this has to be the most productive day.

On a low energy day maybe that means you need to take a nap and THAT IS OKAY! Maybe you need to pamper yourself a little more and spend time journaling or reading in bed. Allow your body to get the rest it needs a deserves. When your body and brain are tired that doesn’t mean you are failing or lacking anything, actually instead that is you body and mind trying to tell you that they need rest.

In order to be more productive in the long run we need to honor our low-energy days. This isn’t me saying it’s an excuse to be lazy everyday. Instead, it’s the opposite. It’s intentionally being in tune and listening to your body and giving it the rest it deserves to you can be on a continued refresh for life.

When we look at the Bible, even GOD who MADE THE WORLD is ALL POWERFUL even God rested!!! He wants us to have time to rest and be with him and honor the body and mind that He gave us!

I Hope that we can go on this journey together with honoring and having low-energy days:)

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