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I know I don’t look perfect and I’m okay with that

Recently I have been thinking so much about how I get so upset with myself when I don't look a certain way. I honestly think that its so silly because if i didn't have anything to compare myself to I would probably think I was hot stuff. I remember growing up I thought that I had the perfect size butt and that I should be an underwear model hahaha literally when I was in like 5th grade. Welp those dreams got shortly crushed when I was in middle school and the boys very quickly made it clear that my body and face are far from perfect. This lead to many different problems as you can imagine and never feeling content with my body. Our ability to see other peoples beauty is not lacking which is amazing but that can soon become jealousy when we aren't confident or comfortable in ourselves (im sure we have all felt this before). But honestly i think recently i have just been like alright so what I don't look like Hailey Bieber or Bella Hadid or have the butt of Kim K. SO FREAKING WHAT?!?!

When we look at our desire to be beautiful it ultimately comes from the desire to be loved. Which that is a whole other thing in itself haha. But I honestly think that when you really think about the fact that God loves YOU and wants to know YOU and want the best for YOU, like there are 8 billion fricken people and he still knows and cares about every single detail of your heart... honestly just let that sink in. When that is what you focus on you truly will feel that desire to be love to be satisfied in Jesus.

And I just accepted the fact that I do not look identical to the women that society says are "the most beautiful" and guess what, I am still loved and i am still beautiful. I still love and appreciate my body and how I look. And you know what some days im not feeling it so much and hey that's okay too. Also i realized I can love parts of myself that society says I shouldn't, like for instance I do not have a perfect button nose but I honestly have grown to love my nose and I think it really suits the rest of my facial features! And personally i think that hip dips are sooooo beautiful!

So anyways these are all so many random thoughts but I hope you got something from it !!

Much love,

Xoxo Annika.

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