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Feeling out of place

Sometimes I think that life can feel very lonely when you feel like you are at a different place than a lot of people. I feel like over the past few months the Lord has worked in my life and heart so much and changed my desires from what I thought I wanted to what the Lord has planned for me. I feel like a lot of my goals seem controversial or not make sense to a lot of the world or even to the people around me. And sometimes that is a really hard place to be and can feel very secluding. It has been the most peaceful thing to allow the Lord to work in my life but sometimes it can feel like I am just no longer wanting the same things as a lot of kids my age. All the sudden it just feels like wow I really want to move on from college and to have a home and be able to use that home to bless people. And sometimes that can feel very sad because it seems like everyone else around me just wants to have fun and hangout with people all the time and while I love to sit and talk with people it is really hard for me to go out and have so much fun with a big group of people and it feels like i see the world in a different way. I don't know really what the solution is or if there is a solution but this is just a little brain dump and if you feel the same feel free to respond back and leave a comment. Again this is just a safe community to relate on topics like this that are just not talked about a lot!

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