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Dealing with Opinions

Hellooooo long time no see! I have taking a little break from blogging but here I am back at it haha. I have been focusing a lot on my mental health and making sure I get back to a healthy place. Which I am happy to say I am doing so much better and also continually getting better. The Lord is so good and restores us daily! One thing that really has been a struggle for me as a major people pleaser is peoples opinions. I really just want everyone to be happy and have found myself pouring into people over and over trying to please them but just never being able to. And I recently had a therapy session where I talked about this and she basically told me that unless i am gonna be the biggest people pleaser and get walked all over then at some point I just have to let go and know that I know I have a good heart and if they are gonna choose to never be happy with me then I just need to let go and take some steps back! This is something that is really hard for me to do because I am someone who just wants everyone to be fine and dandy so if someone is unhappy with me then it just causes me to be anxious and drained.

But no matter what stage in life or where ever you are there is always going to be people who have the "ideal way of dating" and the perfect steps to take to get to a carrier and the perfect time to get married or have kids. But the fact is at the end of the day that there are 8 billion people in the world, there is no one right way to do something, and if we make a mistake God sees a repentant heart and will restore things. And if someone that is close to you is going to judge you so hard and make you feel guilty for how you do things then quite frankly that is something that they have to deal with. Unless you are endangering yourself, then people need to learn that there is not one right way. And I think that I have learned that it is not on my shoulders to please everyone, if I am nice and not hurting anyone then there is a point when I just have to let go and live my life.

I hope that this can resonate with someone because I think that in your 20s there is so much judgement on how you do things and it can be very tricky to deal with.

Love yall!


Annika Grace

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