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Being at peace with myself

Recently I realized how much of my anxiety stems from not trusting. I don't trust people or even myself and I realized like i even have a hard time trusting God. So I thought ( as my therapist says) I need to start putting some healing salve of these wounds of distrust. I decided that I am going to start working on trusting myself and knowing that I am safe when its just me. Its good to depend on people and have relationships but those relationships are so much more anxious if I don't even trust myself.

Sooooo, I took myself on a date as I love to do, and instead of going to the same places I know that I am comfortable with, I went to a place I would usually only go if I was with someone. Don't worry I was still being safe !! But I wanted to show myself that I can go to new places on my own and I will be okay. It was actually so much fun! Literally got my adrenalin going hahah. But It really taught me that I am okay and had nothing to worry about.

I want the voice I listen to most to be the Lords voice and not my anxiety! I know that baby steps matter and are important, so if you struggle with this as well I encourage you to take your self out on a date that's a little out of your comfort zone (still being safe or course) but just try it and journal about how it impacted your trust and relationship with yourself!!

I am hoping that by simply trusting myself more I can also trust the Lord better and know that no matter what happens I will be okay❤️

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